A True Story

Gary the Croc died

Granny Tara was just roaming around her jungle when she found her best friend Gary the Croc laying dead on a river island...

Big Companies

It was all because of huge companies polluting her jungle, killing the animals and cutting down trees.

Taras Solution

Tara knew that this can not go on for much longer and that she had to think of an idea to save her lovely jungle.

Croc Socks

Tara figured that since she is a very talented knitter she can knit a cool Croc Sock (in lovely memory of Gary) and use the profits to plant a lot of trees and help her jungle.

Tara presents:

Croc Socks
Croc Socks
Croc Socks
Croc Socks
Croc Socks
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  • One size & style fits all!
  • Made by Tara the Granny
  • We plant a tree for each sale
  • Join Taras mission to help the jungle by purchasing Croc Socks
  • Cozy, Funny, Unique
  • High-quality fabric
  • Free shipping & easy returns
Croc Sock Sale = A Tree planted by Tara