Our Mission

We believe protecting the world and it's wildlife is a community effort.


Giving back is in our roots.

When you step into the world of Croc Socks, you're not only choosing the path of the heart but also the path of environmental stewardship. Our mission is to protect our world and its incredible wildlife, and we're proud to partner with amazing charity organizations to make this mission a reality.

For every Croc Socks purchase, we join hands with the wonderful charity organization, "One Tree Planted" (you can learn more about them here: Link), which plants a tree for each sale. This initiative allows us to give back to Mother Earth, ensuring that for every pair of Croc Socks you wear, a tree is planted to support reforestation and the restoration of precious ecosystems.

So, with every step you take in our Croc Socks, you're not only making a fashion statement but also actively contributing to the re-greening of our planet. Together, we're protecting our natural world, one pair of socks and one tree at a time.

From Socks to Solutions

Looking to the future, our mission extends beyond the present. We're committed to being even more supportive and reaching out to those who need assistance, both in our world and among our fellow humans.

What can you do to make an impact?

  1. Plant a tree and send us a photo to be featured on our socials
  2. Donate directly to our charity partner
  3. Purchase something in our store and join our mission
Croc Socks Sale = A Tree planted by Tara

What our lovely Customers have to say

I'm in love with my Croc Socks! Stylish, comfy, and eco-friendly—what more could you ask for? Plus, knowing that my purchase contributes to planting trees makes it even better!

Sarah R.

These socks are a total win-win! Not only do they look super cute, but I feel good knowing that I'm helping injured crocs with every pair I buy. Way to go, Croc Socks

Mark T.